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I've received a Council Tax Summons, what happens next?

The full amount, including court costs, is payable. If you pay in full before the court date, no further action will be taken. You can pay online.

If you cannot pay in full, contact us immediately on 01775 761161 to discuss repayment options. The Magistrates' Court will be asked to grant a Liability Order and further costs will be added to your account. See our debt management policy (PDF) [78KB] (opens new window) for more information.

After the Liability Order, if you do not make a suitable payment arrangement, we can use these options to collect the outstanding debt:

  • Attachment of earnings - your employer will be asked to take a percentage of your wages and send it to us, until your debt is paid
  • Benefit deductions - the Department for Work and Pensions can be asked to take money from certain benefit payments
  • Enforcement agents - we can ask an Enforcement Agent to collect the debt for us.

Bankruptcy and Charging Orders

If you owe more than £5,000, we can start proceedings to make you bankrupt. This could mean that your assets (including your home) are sold to pay your debt and the costs incurred. In certain situations a charge may be placed on the property you own. This means that once the property is sold, proceeds will be used to clear your Council Tax debt.