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Single Person Discount

If you live alone or are the only person over 18 in the property you can get a 25 percent discount. To qualify, the property must be your main home.

Complete and return the  single person discount application form (PDF) [39KB] (opens new window)

If you qualify for a Council Tax discount you must tell us within 21 days if there is a change that might affect it. We can impose a £70 penalty if you do not tell us about a change.

Single person discount FAQs

  • My partner works away all week and only comes back home for holidays. Can I have a Single Person Discount?
    No. A person's home is regarded as 'where they would normally live were it not for their work commitments' even if the majority of their time is spent elsewhere.
  • I have a holiday home and I am the sole owner. Can I have a Single Person Discount?
    No. Single Person Discount can only be granted if someone over the age of 18 is occupying the property as their main home.

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