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Furnished properties

Second homes or furnished unoccupied properties

There is no Council Tax discount if your property is furnished and unoccupied, or if it is your second/holiday home.

However, if your second home is a residential pitch occupied by a caravan, or a mooring occupied by a boat, you will qualify for a 50 percent Council Tax discount. Contact us at or call 01775 761161 selecting 'Council Tax', then hold the line to speak with an advisor.

Job related Council Tax discount

If you have left your home in order to live in another property as a condition of your job, you may get a 50 percent discount. The property you have left must be furnished and the address you've moved into must be specified in your contract of employment and you must be registered there as the Council Tax payer.

Keep us informed of changes on or by calling 01775 761161 and select the 'Council Tax' option.

Second home FAQs

  • Why am I paying Council Tax for a second home if I'm not using all or any of the services?
    Council Tax is a way of raising public money which helps pay for local services and contributes towards police and fire services. Council Tax is not a charge for specific services; it applies to all domestic properties, whether occupied as a main residence or not.


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