View your account online

You can view your Business Rates accounts online. You can also opt to receive your bills electronically, meaning no need for paper bills to be issued.

Firstly, create your account and verify your email address using the link we will send to your email address
•Once your account has been activated, you will need the account reference for the service you want to view
•When accessing your details for the first time, select 'Access Now'. You will be asked a series of authentication questions.
  Once sufficient information has been supplied you will be alerted.  Select 'Next' - you will now be subscribed to view the requested service
•If you are unable to provide enough correct answers, select 'I don't have enough information to continue'
•For security purposes a PIN will be issued by post - select 'Send me a PIN'
•Once you have received the PIN, select 'Enter your PIN' to view the service you require

 Log on to 'My Services'.