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Why have I had a final notice?

If you have already been sent two reminders and you miss another instalment, we will send you a final notice. Once a final notice has been sent, you lose the right to pay by instalments and must pay the whole balance within seven days of issue.

You can pay the balance online. If you do not pay the amount shown on the final notice within seven days of issue, we will ask the Magistrates' Court to issue a summons and such costs will be added to your account if a summons is issued. See our debt management policy (PDF) [78KB] (opens new window)  for more information.

We will also send you a final notice if:

  • you still owe Council Tax on a property you have left
  • you still owe Council Tax from a previous financial year.

If you are unable to pay in full, we may agree to a lump sum and a payment arrangement for the remaining amount. Call us on 01775 761161 and select 'Council Tax' to speak with an advisor. Do not do anything without agreeing it with us first or you may still receive a summons.