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How do I appeal my band?

You can make an appeal to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) if you think your Council Tax band is wrong. You should appeal within six months of moving in or becoming the owner. 

If you want to challenge your Council Tax band, you can apply to the VOA online, free of charge. Some companies offer to appeal to the VOA for you, however they will normally charge you to do this.

If you appeal, you must carry on paying your Council Tax bill. If your appeal is successful, we will refund any overpayment.

The VOA cannot delete a band if a property is in poor repair. A band can only be deleted if the property is derelict and uninhabitable, see the VOA derelict properties factsheet which gives further guidance.

Council Tax band appeal FAQs

  • Can I get a reduction for a factory or nuisance business nearby?
    The VOA may consider reducing your band if the value of your property is likely to be affected and the physical state of the local area has changed.
  • I have a Council Tax appeal outstanding, do I have to pay?
    Yes, you still have to pay. The law states payment is due even if an appeal or claim is outstanding. There is nothing in law for interest to be paid on overpaid Council Tax.
  • Can I have interest on any overpayment?
    There is nothing in the law for interest to be paid on overpaid Council Tax.