Listed Buildings

South Holland District Council has 13 Conservation Areas and approximately 550 Listed Buildings which range from three storey Georgian Terraces to a 12th Century Abbey and 12th & 13th Century Churches.

Listed Buildings are placed into three categories, Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II, with Grade I and II* representing the top 8% of all Listed Buildings. All Listed buildings are protected under Planning Legislation and Planning Permission must be gained before any work is undertaken. English Heritage must also be consulted on works proposed to a Grade I or II* Listed Building.

If you are thinking about undertaking work to a Listed Building then please seek initial advice from our Conservation Officer who can be contact on 01775 761161 or via email at

Tree Preservation Orders and Protected Trees.

There are over 8500 protected trees in South Holland District Council and permission must be applied for if you intend to do any work to a protected tree.  In addition any tree within one of our 13 Conservation Areas is also protected and again permission should be sought to undertake any work.

If you need advice, you are planning to carry out any work to a protected tree or simply want to know if any of the trees in your ownership are protected then please contact us on 01775 761161 or via email at

Below are some useful documents and links that give further advice and information: