Plans, Policies and Strategies

This section contains all the plans, policies and strategies within the council.

Each year the Finance department prepares South Holland's Budget, the Medium Term plan, Fees and Charges, the Capital Strategy and the Treasury Management Policy and Strategy.

The documents set out our proposals for the Council's long term budget planning.


Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan

Our   Budget and Medium Term Plan 2017-18  outlines how South Holland Council manages income received from central government, local residents, businesses and other sources.

It explains what we hope to deliver to our residents and includes issues such as our plans for helping setting the levels of Council Tax and how we plan to manage financial risks.


Capital Strategy

Our   Capital Strategy 2017-18  explains how the Council plans to manage our capital assets and funds within the district to make sure our capital spending plans are well-managed and ensure local needs are met.


Gender Pay Gap Statement

Our Icon for word Gender Pay Gap Statement [33.78KB] as at 31 march 2017 reporting under the Equality act 2010


Pay Policy Statement 2018/19

A pay policy statement is required to be produced annually under section 38 of the Localism Act.  Our statement for 2018/19 is here: Icon for pdf Pay Policy Statement [328.33KB]


Corporate Enforcement

The Council is responsible for enforcing a wide range of legislation. The purpose of the Corporate Enforcement Policy is to publicly summarise the Council's intended approach to bring about compliance with regulatory requirements. Details of these can be found at: Corporate Enforcement


Corporate Planning

Our vision is to continue to increase the prosperity and wellbeing of our residents and businesses, whilst striving to protect and enhance the district's environment and its unique and historic character.

To support this we have four corporate priorities:-

  • To develop safer, stronger, healthier and more independent
    communities while protecting the most vulnerable
  • To have pride in South Holland by supporting
    the district and residents to develop and thrive
  • To provide the right services, at the right time and in the right way
  • To encourage the local economy to be vibrant with continued growth

What we will do to achieve these priorities are detailed in our  Corporate Plan 2015-19