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South Holland District Council awards UK Shared Prosperity Funding to Spalding Festival and UK Fresh Produce Network (UKFPN)

South Holland District Council has made two additional awards from the UK Shared Prosperity and Rural Prosperity Funds to Spalding Festival and the UK Fresh Produce Network (UKFPN).


Posted May 1 2024

South Holland District Council has made two additional awards from the UK Shared Prosperity and Rural Prosperity Funds to Spalding Festival and the UK Fresh Produce Network (UKFPN).

These awards are in addition to just under £325,000 which was awarded last week through the UKSPF funded GRASSroots programme, delivered by Lincolnshire Community Foundation and the wider announcements made regarding recent awards made (read more here:

Spalding Festival, which is organised by Spalding and District Round Table in collaboration with Spalding Ladies Circle, has been running since 2016 and has raised thousands for charities across the area. The family friendly event returns to the town's Castle Sports Field on Friday, May 24 and runs until Sunday, May 28.

Funding will go towards expanding the festival to include a community area and dance area - as well as enhancing the established main arena and experience for all. This will create the opportunity to give a stage to more up-and-coming local artists/musicians, with an increasing diversity from more communities. The aim is to bring people from different community groups and backgrounds together to celebrate Spalding and its businesses. The funding will be particularly targeted on expanding access to the free elements of the event for young people and families.

A package of funding has also been awarded to the UK Fresh Produce Network which is a network to link UK fresh produce companies with the local and national supply chain supported by the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce. The network provides a variety of services to inform, promote and lobby at the highest level.

This funding is targeted at supporting the UKFPN to expand its reach to a greater number of businesses while encouraging businesses within South Holland to engage with new markets, both domestic and international. Specifically, the project will target at least 150 local businesses for support. Events offered will include a UK Fresh Produce Conference, Logistics Conference, practice sharing events and a Round Table to promote the area's agricultural sector at the House of Lords.

Councillor Paul Redgate, portfolio holder for Finance, Commercialisation, Levelling Up and UK Shared Prosperity Funding at South Holland District Council, said "We are delighted to be able to award Spalding Festival and UKFPN funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund in addition to the community awards made last week.

"Spalding Festival is a staple event in the calendars of people of all ages across South Holland every year which brings the community together through live music and a focus on raising money for good causes. The UK Shared Prosperity Funding offered here will ensure that more people in our local community can enjoy and expanded event this year.

"Meanwhile, we remain committed to the fresh produce sector, which is one of our area's largest employers. UKFPN's objective to connect professionals to share practice and to promote South Holland on both a national and international stage is something we believe will bring long term benefits to the local economy."

Chairman of Spalding and District Round Table Matt Clark said: "With its steady growth since 2016, our festival has become one of the largest charity fundraisers in Lincolnshire. From the outset, as the new Chairman, I pledged to elevate the festival, and want not only to support more local causes for the underprivileged but also to celebrate our community's rich diversity by engaging people from various social backgrounds and cultural beliefs.

"Central to the growth has been the inclusion of chart-topping bands alongside our talented local musicians, ranging from bands to DJs. While striving for this larger concept, there have been many challenges, particularly in the increased costs with the transition to a fully outdoor event this year. "The support from our sponsors has been amazing, but the success of our funding application is truly invaluable.

"These resources ensure that the grand vision becomes a reality, allowing us to deliver an event that leaves lasting memories and makes significant charitable contributions. We are deeply grateful for the support, and we're excited to create an unforgettable experience for all who attend."

Tammy Doughty, Head of UKFPN Lincolnshire, said: "We are delighted to receive funding for our projects, which will play a crucial role in advancing the fresh produce sector in Lincolnshire and beyond."

"These initiatives will not only foster innovation and collaboration but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our industry.

"The funding will support various components of our events, including keynote addresses, panel discussions, workshops, technology showcases, product exhibitions, and networking sessions.

"By bringing together leading experts, innovators, and stakeholders, we aim to drive positive change and create lasting impact within the fresh produce community.

"We look forward to welcoming participants to our events and creating meaningful opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth."