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South Holland District Council continues fight against enviro-crime across District

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Posted on 19 April 2024

South Holland District Council has announced it has issued 296 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs)  and carried out further court prosecutions in the first part of 2024 as the authority continues its fight against enviro-crime across the District. 

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With littering (227) and fly-tipping (38) offences forming the majority of the FPNs, the remaining were issued for a variety of other enviro-crimes including fly-posting, spitting, duty of care when disposing of waste and failure to produce waste transfer notes.

March 2024 is a key strategic milestone for the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership, marking one year since the new Enforcement Officers began their work to tackle enviro-crime on streets across the sub-region after Kingdom LA Support Ltd were awarded the contract last January.

South Holland District Council issues FPNs to give the opportunity for an offender to admit responsibility for the offence and pay a fine without going through a traditional prosecution in the Courts.

Should an offender fail or refuse to pay, the Council will typically undertake a prosecution, having brought 46 individuals to justice in this manner since March 2023.

As recently as August 2023, South Holland District Council raised penalties for environmental crimes including fly-tipping and littering to act as a deterrent to would-be offenders living and visiting South Holland.

Councillor Anthony Casson, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, said: "As a rural authority, enviro-crime is one of the biggest challenges we face, but our Public Protection team working in partnership with Kingdom LA Support Ltd continue to do an excellent job to combat the issue.

"Their hard work in the first part of the year is greatly appreciated and it is our hope that we can send a message to any and all would-be offenders that enviro-crime will not be tolerated anywhere across South Holland and we will use every method at our disposal to tackle this issue."

To see the full list of Environmental FPNs the Council can issue, please visit:

To report an instance of enviro-crime please report it at

(Pictured left to right - Cllr Anthony Casson, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection and a Kingdom LA Support Officer)