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Sustainable Products Policy

The Sustainable Products Policy has now been adopted across the South & East Lincolnshire Council's Partnership. This policy aims to assist us in meeting our net zero targets and the aspirations of our Climate Change Strategy. To meet our aspirations and targets, it is vital that we find ways to reduce our carbon emissions and take a more sustainable approach to resource management, promoting conscientious consumption, and reducing the waste we generate as an authority.

The Sustainable Products Policy highlights the damaging environmental impacts resulting from the consumption and disposal of single use products; and sets out the Partnership's commitment to discontinuing the procurement of these items as far as possible and sourcing the best alternative solutions where single use products cannot be eliminated completely.

To achieve this, the Sustainable Products Policy will be embedded in the Procurement Framework of the Partnership authorities, to ensure an aligned approach to our procurement and establish a culture of reuse and recycling across the Partnership. Working towards a circular economy (the principle of remanufacture, reuse, repair, recycle) will see us keeping resources in use for as long as possible and allow us to prolong their lifespan where we can.

This policy seeks to align activity and action across the Partnership and support community led schemes which promote recycling and reduction of single use products, wherever possible, to ensure that a wider cultural change can be established and environmental benefits achieved across the sub-region.