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Anti-Social Behaviour

Find out more about how we classify anti-social behaviour and the many activities that it covers.
Everyone should be able to enjoy fireworks safely, whether at an organised display or in their back garden. Here you'll find out how to stay safe.
Here you can learn more about what constitutes nuisance parking and what to do if it's affecting you.
Find out how to stay safe and how to report details of aggressive or neglected animals.
Find out more about the different types of noise nuisance and advice on what to do.
Here we explain the common types of callers and what you can do about them.
Information on tackling these issues.
Find out how the best way to resolve a problem.
Find out the most common types of nuisance behaviour and what you can do about it.
Advice on the common types of vehicle nuisance
The Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review (also known as the Community Trigger) allows victims of persistent ASB to request a formal review of their case, where the local threshold is met.