Planning enforcement

The Planning Enforcement team are responsible for investigating alleged breaches of planning control. 

Where a breach is identified, we aim to resolve the issue using the most appropriate means. This will usually be through negotiation, but where it's considered reasonable and proportionate, we may take formal enforcement action. Taking enforcement action is a discretionary power of the council and any action taken will be a solution that is in the public interest.

Planning control breaches

The types of planning control breaches that we investigate can include:

  • development being undertaken without the appropriate planning permission
  • developments that have planning permission, but aren't being carried out in accordance with the approved plans
  • failure to comply with a planning condition
  • a material change of use of a building or land without the necessary planning permission
  • unauthorised works to a listed building
  • unauthorised works to a protected tree
  • displaying certain advertisements without consent
  • demolition within a conservation area without conservation area consent, where it's required
  • works to a protected tree or a tree in a conservation area
  • untidy private land that is adversely affecting the amenity of the local area
  • removal of hedgerows.

We also manage high hedge complaints.

The following aren't considered as a violation of planning control and cannot therefore be investigated by our Planning Enforcement team:

  • landownership or boundary disputes
  • matters concerning the Party Wall Act
  • planning matters that fall within the remit of Lincolnshire County Council, such as waste management, minerals extraction and their own developments
  • breaches of leases or property deeds/covenants
  • allegations of wrongful Council actions in relation to decisions on planning applications
  • vexatious complaints and purely neighbourly disputes.

If you're not sure whether or not we can deal with your complaint, please contact our Planning Enforcement team for further advice. 

Report an issue to planning control

You can report a suspected breach of planning control by emailing or call us on 01775 764703 during normal office hours.

To help us deal with your complaint, you should provide us with as much information as possible, such as:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • the address of the site or location
  • the landowner or occupiers name and contact details, if known
  • a description of the alleged breach
  • what harm the breach is causing
  • the date when you became aware of the breach.

Please note that while we do accept anonymous complaints, be aware that this may result in no further action being taken depending on the quality of the information provided to us.