Play areas in South Holland

Council owned equipped play areas in South Holland are listed as follows:

Spalding play areas

  • Ayscoughfee Gardens Churchgate PE11 2RA
  • Balmoral Avenue playing field PE11 2RN
  • Belvedere Close play area PE11 2UT
  • Castle Playing Field Albion Street PE11 2AJ
  • Chiltern Drive play area PE11 2DD
  • Fern Park play area Pinchbeck Road PE11 1GG
  • Fulney Lane playing field and skate park PE11 2JB
  • Gershwin Lane play area PE11 3WF
  • Goodfellows playing field PE11 3AT
  • Hayfields play area PE11 3FE
  • Holbeach Road play area PE11 2HX
  • Honeysuckle Way play area PE11 3SU
  • Kimblewick Lane play area PE11 3GY
  • Monkshouse Lane playing field and play area PE11 3LH
  • Park Close playing field PE11 1PP
  • Pennyfields play area PE11 3RG
  • Piccard Drive PE11 2GP
  • Poppyfields play area Primrose Way PE11 1YT
  • Shearers Drive play area PE11 3ZJ
  • Thames Road playing field PE11 2JP
  • Thistle Gardens play area PE11 1HJ
  • Wygate Park play area Wygate Road PE11 1NS

Fleet Hargate play areas

  • Cherry Lane play area PE12 8NY

Holbeach play areas

  • Cornfields play area PE12 7QN
  • Hall Hill Road play area PE12 7JB
  • Maple Grove play area PE12 7JX

Pinchbeck play areas

  • Fern Park play area
  • Poachers Gate play area PE11 3JP

Quadring play areas

  • Casswell Drive play area PE11 4QW

Surfleet play areas

  • Kingfisher Drive play area PE11 4BU

Sutton Bridge play areas

  • Chalk Lane playing field PE12 9YF
  • Lime Street PE12 9UL
  • Railway Lane play area PE12 9UZ
  • Princes Street PE12 9RF

Tongue End play areas

  • Everard Road playing field PE11 3JW