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Severe Mental Impairment

Severe mental impairment is a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning which appears to be permanent.

To qualify, a doctor must confirm the impairment. The person with the impairment must also have entitlement to one of the qualifying benefits. Full details can be found on our Application Form (PDF) [154KB] (opens new window) .

Please complete and return your application, with the required evidence, to us either by email: or by post.


When looking at the number of adults living in a property people who are considered as having a severe mental impairment will not be counted. If this leaves one adult who can be counted, then there will be a 25% discount to your Council Tax.

Where all occupiers are severely mentally impaired

There is an exemption for properties where all occupiers are severely mentally impaired*. You must provide a completed application form and evidence for each person. 
*This exemption does not apply where the non-resident owner is responsible, so residential care homes are excluded from this exemption.

Change in Circumstances

If you qualify for the Council Tax exemption you must tell us within 21 days if there is a change that might affect it. We can impose a £70 penalty if you do not tell us about a change.  Keep us informed of changes on or by calling 01775 761161.