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Canvass information

The annual canvass starts in July each year. This year we are using electronic communication (e-comms) as part of the canvass reform, in order to reduce the amount of paper and postage. It is the same process as in previous years, just via email rather than a paper form.

Annual canvass FAQs

  • Are there any key dates that I need to be aware of?
    Yes, the annual canvass will begin on 21 July 2021 and canvass emails will be sent from 21 July 2021. Please note: the data to produce the emails was sent on 5 July.
    Route 1 and Route 2 forms will be sent on or around 20 August 2021. Please note: the data to produce the forms will be sent on 6 August and there could be some crossover.
    Route 3 canvass will begin in  August 2021.
    The revised register of electors is published by 1 December each year.
  • Is this email that I received spam?
    No, it is a genuine email from South Holland District Council's Elections team sent out as part of this year's Annual Canvass.
  • Is the annual canvass a legal requirement?
    Yes, it is mandatory and must be carried out by South Holland District Council in July of every year.
  • Why am I receiving this email, you normally send out a paper form?
    Canvass reform introduced by the Cabinet Office is trying to move to a more digital service reducing amount of paper used and costs, South Holland District Council are using e-comms as part of their canvass reform to reduce the amount of paper and postage. It is the same process as in previous years, just via email rather than a paper form. If the information is correct once you have checked it, you do not need to do anything else.
  • I have received an email but my partner hasn't, why is this?
    This is because we have not got an email on record for your partner, but we only need 1 person from that household to respond. So in this case, you can respond on behalf of everyone in your household including your partner.
  • I received an email and so did my partner/child but when we clicked on the link it said it had already been responded to?
    As only 1 response is needed per household, it will only register the first person to access link and complete so no further action is needed from anyone else in the household.
  • My child (aged 16/17) has received this email but I have not. I don't want my child to be responsible for completing this, how do I stop them receiving emails of this nature?
    This is because we did not have email addresses on record for yourself (the parent). You can click unsubscribe in the email that was sent, informing the Elections team that you wish to be removed from receiving further emails. Alternatively, you can email our Elections Team on and they'll update their records immediately (please note this does remove the email address for any elections correspondence in the future).
  • My security codes aren't working/don't seem to work when I enter them?
    The codes are correct, however you may not be entering the correct postcode that matches our records. This can happen if you've moved house and are using your new postcode, for example. Therefore you need to put in your old postcode, tick the relevant box to make changes and then re-register at to complete the process.
  • I have recently moved house, does this change anything for me?
    If you have recently moved house and registered for Council Tax, your details will not be entered onto the electoral register automatically. You have to make a separate application to be registered to vote, for your details to appear on the electoral register. Registering to vote online is the quickest and easiest way.
  • I am a new resident of South Holland, what will this mean for me?
    Any person who should be registered to vote but whose name does not appear on the form will need to make a separate application to register to vote and to appear on the electoral register. Registering to vote online is the quickest and easiest way. If you can't get online to register, please complete the canvass form and we will send a paper application to register to vote when we receive a response back from you.
  • Can other people access my data if an email goes to the wrong email address?
    No, if someone tries to access your codes by accident, they would need to enter the correct postcode to be able to access your records, which is not given out anywhere in the email.
  • What would happen if I forgot to respond?
    You will receive reminders via email, paper form, telephone or a door knock, up until the revised register of electors is published. If you do not respond, an Electoral Canvasser will either call you if we have your telephone number or visit you to collect the information. If you do not provide the requested information at all, please be aware that you could be fined up to £1,000. If you fail to respond you could lose your right to vote.