SHout and About Quest

Have Fun, Get Fit, Win Prizes! Get involved in our free fun 12 week competition. Different activities each week and fantastic prizes to be won.

SHout and About Quest is open to anyone living in the South Holland District. It is free to enter and all the activities offered in the competition are free. You can sign up as an individual, family (maximum 7 people) or team (maximum 7 people).

The competition starts on the 9th of April, each week you will be sent an email which sets out activities for you to complete and when you do them you will be awarded points. At the end of the 12 weeks the individual, family or team with the most points will win vouchers worth £200 pounds! Every individual, family and team will receive a prize at the end of the competition. The size and value of your prize will be determined by the number of points you gain, the more points you get the better your prize. There are also fantastic spot prizes avaliable throughout the competition.

Activities include; nature trails, treasure hunts, exercise classes, dance classes, arts classes, gardening activities, cooking activities, community events and much more.

If you have any question please email us:

Or call: 01775 761161

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