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2021 rent review

Rent increase from 5 April 2021

On 3 March 2021 South Holland District Council approved an increase in rent for all tenants by 1.5 percent. This figure is a recommendation from central government of an increase of Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 1 percent. 

The increase will take effect on 5 April 2021. If you are not able to afford this increase, please contact your Housing Officer on 01775 761161 to discuss how we can support you. 

Letters will be sent to all tenants advising of their new rent amount, which will also include a copy of the frequently asked questions as noted below.

Please note that garage rents will not be changing. 

Rent increase frequently asked questions

Q. Why has my rent increased?
A.  Rents is the only revenue income the Housing team has to provide services to tenants. As costs of services increase, so must rents. Rental income also allows us to continue to invest in your home, going a long way to funding improvements that benefit all tenants.

Q. I am already struggling to afford my rent.  How can you help me? 
A. It is important that you speak to us - we are here to help you.  We will give you advice on the financial support available based on your personal circumstances.  We can set up payment arrangements to help you get back on track. 
In response to Covid-19, we have set up a hardship fund available to households affected financially by Covid-19.  If your income has reduced and you are behind with your rent, please contact us.
Please remember, not paying your rent is a breach of your tenancy agreement and you risk losing your home. South Holland District Council will take action against your tenancy if your rent account goes into arrears and you do not take action to address your arrears.  It is important that you speak to us.

Q. My rent is paid by Housing Benefit. What do I need to do?
A. We have notified Housing Benefit of your changes in rent and eligible charges. The Housing Benefit Team will write to you shortly to advise you of your new entitlement. They will make your rent payments to us as usual. If you are awarded a Discretionary Housing Payment to mitigate the under occupancy charge you will receive a separate notification letter. If you have any queries in relation to your Housing Benefit entitlement please contact the Housing Benefit Team on 01775 761161

Q. I receive Housing Costs as part of my Universal Credit claim. What do I need to do?
A. Please update your Universal Credit Online Account after 5 April 2021. You will need to input your new weekly rent figure in the 'To Do' section. If you have any queries regarding this, please speak to your Case Manager through your Journal or call 0800 328 5644. 

Q. I pay my rent by standing order. What do I do? 
A. You must notify your bank of the new amount you will need to pay from 5 April 2021.

Q. I pay my rent by Direct Debit. What do I do?
A. You do not need to take any action. We will write to you detailing your monthly amounts for 2021/22. We will continue to claim your direct debit based on your existing rent and any arrangement you may already have in place to pay off arrears. We will write to you in advance to notify you of your direct debit payment dates.

Q. Can I have a refund of the Sheltered Housing charges due to Covid-19?
A. No, we are not able to refund or stop charging this fee.  This charge supports the maintenance of this facility including surrounding communal gardens.  We have continued to maintain these buildings during lockdown and have provided 'Wave from Window' sessions as an alternative to 'Meet and Greet' sessions. It will also allow us to fund the additional measures required to make the centre safe to open when the government allows.

Q. I pay my water rates so why do I have to pay a charge for sewerage to you?
A. The water rates you pay for will only be for the supply of fresh water and not for sewerage. Your sewerage is processed through a system owned by the Council, not the water company. The council needs to recover the costs of providing this service to you. 

Q. How can I contact you?
A. You can telephone 01775 761161 and ask to speak to the Housing Services Team, or you can email Sheltered Housing tenants can also speak to their Housing Officer at their Meet and Greet session.