Paper and Card Trial

Over 7,500 homes in Boston, South Holland and North Kesteven are taking part in a separate paper and cardboard collection trial.

Households that have been selected to take part in the trial will receive a letter week commencing 2nd September with your purple sacks due to be delivered shortly after!

The trial, which starts on 23rd September, is designed to help increase the amount that we recycle in Lincolnshire and if your household has been selected you are one of less than 7,700 in the county that will get to try it out - so your engagement really will matter. Other households in North Kesteven and Boston Borough are also taking part in the trial.

The year-long trial, run by the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership, aims to boost the quality and amount of paper recycled. We are concentrating this trial on collecting your paper and card separately from the rest of your recycling. Over 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used in the UK each year and accounts for 1/5 of all waste produced in the UK with the average family throwing away 6 trees worth of paper every year. If every person in the country recycled just 10% more paper it would save approximately 5 million trees each year.

Paper and Card Trial FAQS