Local Restrictions Support Grant

Local Restriction Support Grant (LRSG) for open businesses experiencing hardship

The Local Restrictions Support Grant (for open businesses) is for businesses that have not been mandated to close as a result of the introduction of Tier 3 restrictions, but who can demonstrate that they have been significantly impacted and are experiencing hardship as a result of the introduction of the restrictions in place since 2 December 2020. 

Whereas we are inviting applications from any business type that can demonstrate that it has been severely impacted by Tier 3 restrictions, we specifically anticipate to receive applications from businesses in the following sectors:

  • those in the supply chain of the events sector (for example; businesses that derive their income through supporting events and shows that are no longer able to take place as a result of restrictions)
  • those in the supply chain of the hospitality, culture and leisure sector (for example; businesses that supply good and services to the hospitality sector; a sector which remains largely closed as a result of Tier 3 restrictions)
  • those with links to the travel and tourism sector, including businesses involved in animal care and welfare.

In applying for funds through the LRSG Open scheme, businesses will be required to specifically demonstrate how Tier 3 restrictions have impacted upon their business, despite the business being able to remain open by law. Please note that further evidence may be sought from businesses once an application is received. Due to the modest and finite funds available from government to operate the LRSG Open scheme, it may not be possible for every business to receive a grant payment under this scheme.

Please note that businesses that have already received grant funding through the council's previous scheme aimed at closed businesses (the 'Local Restrictions Support Grant for Closed Businesses') are unable to apply for the LRSG Open scheme.

Whilst the final grant amounts to be paid is still to be determined, the Government has advised local authorities that it anticipates individual grants under this scheme to be in the region of £467 to £1,050 per applicable period. Final details of grant amounts to be paid under the South Holland LRSG scheme will be published in due course. 

The LRSG scheme is now closed.

If you have submitted an eligible application and are successful in receiving a grant award, then confirmation and payment is anticipated to be made during January 2021.