Christmas Tree Collection Service Terms and Conditions

Thank you for subscribing to the Christmas tree collection service. By doing so you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. You are advised to read through this document as it will enable you to best utilise this service.

1. Service description - Christmas tree collection

1.1. You have agreed to pay South Holland District Council (SHDC) the standard charge of £10.00 for the collection of one Christmas tree and an additional £5.00 for any further trees presented, unless you have a current garden waste subscription, in which case collection of the tree will be covered as part of your subscription.

1.2. Collection as part of your garden waste subscription will only be available during the period 14th January 2019 to 25th January 2019 where the online form has been completed and the tree is left to be collected as detailed below. Following this period, trees will need to be presented inside the brown wheeled bin as per the Garden Waste terms and conditions.

1.3. Collection of Christmas trees during the collection period 14th January 2019 to 25th January 2019 will only be made if the online collection form has been completed and the appropriate fee paid, where an eligible garden waste subscription is not currently being paid.

1.4. Christmas trees that have been booked for collection via the online form, will need to be placed for collection on the curtilage of your premises (or where you would normally present your refuse and recycling) by 6am on Monday 14th January 2019.

1.5. Collections will take place from Monday 14th January 2019 until Friday 25th January 2019. We are unable to specify an exact time and date for your collection.

1.6. This service is only for Christmas tree collection from residential properties.

1.7. It will be the Council's final decision of which households are eligible for collection.

1.8. No artificial trees will be collected as part of this service. Real Christmas trees are being collected in order to ensure disposal is made directly to a green waste site to increase their potential to be used for composting.

1.9. Christmas trees must be presented with no decorations and be no bigger than 2.4m (8ft). Any tree presented that does not meet these conditions, or is artificial, will not be collected.  

1.10. Full payment will be taken before you receive the service.

1.11. No concession rates are available.

1.12. Payment can only be made by credit/debit card.

1.13. Collections can only be booked online at

1.14. You have the right to cancel this service within 14 days of sign up, so long as the service has not been undertaken in this time. This does not affect your statutory rights. If you cancel this service your Christmas tree will not be collected. Following the 14 day cooling-off period, no refunds will be given. To cancel, please email

1.15. It is your responsibility to routinely check the SHDC website for changes and updates to the Christmas tree collection service.

1.16. Should the service be available next year, you may be contacted to advise you that the service is available again should you wish to sign up. You will not automatically have your tree collected each year.

2. Legislation regarding the collection of garden waste

2.1. In contrast to the black refuse sacks and the green recycling sacks, garden waste collections are classified as a discretionary service under the Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012. This means that councils are not required by law to provide this kerbside service free of charge.

2.2. The regulation also states that garden waste is classified as a type of waste for which a charge may be applied for its collection. Therefore collection of Christmas trees is no longer being made available via the black bag refuse collection service.

2.3. The change to this collection is to ensure a more environmental disposal of real Christmas trees as well as to support the reduction of excess waste to the Energy from Waste plant which will see an increase in waste volumes during the festive period.

3. Unforeseen circumstances

3.1. All attempts will be made to collect Christmas trees that have been correctly booked vial the online form within the scheduled dates, however if unforeseen circumstances or severe weather makes collections impractical or unsafe, SHDC reserves the right to suspend collections until it is safe and practical to do so.

3.2. Should collections be missed due to circumstances beyond SHDC's control, every effort will be made to re-schedule the collection. Under these circumstances residents are requested to check the SHDC website for updates.

3.3. SHDC retains the right to amend collection dates should this prove necessary due to factors outside of its reasonable control; this includes but is not limited to road closure, strikes, fire, and breakdown of plant or machinery. All efforts will be made to maintain collections in the period 14th to 25th January 2019.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1. SHDC retains the right to make reasonable amendments to the above terms and conditions.

4.2 Website access is available utilising the booths located in the reception area of SHDC offices in Priory Road, Spalding. The booths are available to customers during office hours.