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Gigabit-speed broadband in reach of South Holland businesses with £3,000 upgrade voucher

Gigabit Speed
A government scheme encouraging businesses to upgrade to fast and reliable gigabit-speed broadband is now live, and businesses in the South Holland area can apply for a £3,000 voucher to help them upgrade their connection.

Councillor Nick Worth, Deputy Leader for South Holland District Council and Portfolio Holder for Growth and Commercialisation, said: "This scheme gives small and medium-sized business the opportunity to upgrade their network to full-fibre, gigabit-speed broadband connections - enabling them to deliver their services with greater efficiency and reliability.

"At 1,000 megabits per second (1 gigabit) a full-fibre connection can be up to 40 times faster than ordinary broadband, is more reliable, and also supports symmetrical connections, meaning upload and download speeds are the same."

He said businesses can join together to boost the value of their vouchers: "Once you have a group of other users in your area, your supplier may be able to pool your vouchers to subsidise the cost of installing a connection," he said.

Businesses can claim their voucher by contacting a broadband supplier registered for the scheme in their area. More details are available at:
Gigabit Voucher Scheme