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Batteries not included

28/03/18 South Holland District Council asks residents to be especially careful when disposing of waste batteries.

We're asking all South Holland residents to be really careful when getting rid of used batteries. Even used batteries can carry enough charge to short out and provide a source of ignition which can cause small explosions or fires. This can happen when mixed refuse, picked up by the collection staff, is crushed.

Any electrical equipment needing mains power, or a battery, to work should not be included in domestic black bagged waste or domestic recycling green bags because of the potential fire risk they pose.

Battery recycling in store

Sellers of batteries in large amounts - most supermarkets - are required, by law, to provide battery collection points for safe recycling. Please use these free-to-use recycling services for all household batteries. Please do not include batteries or electrical items in your black refuse bag and never put them in your green recycling bags.

Battery recycling bin
Commenting for South Holland District Council Roger Gambba-Jones, Portfolio Holder for Place said: "If you have alkaline batteries to dispose of please use of the recycling containers that all battery sellers must provide in their shops."

"Even very small electrical items containing batteries should always have their battery removed, before the item is disposed of, and the battery recycled at a shop with a suitable battery recycling container. Where an electrical item contains batteries that cannot be removed, it should be disposed of at a site such as the household waste recycling centre on West Marsh Road, Spalding."

As well as supermarkets and shops, some town halls, libraries and schools may also set up collection points.

Large items, such as televisions or desktop computers, can be collected under South Holland District council's bulky waste arrangements: Bulky Waste Collection

Under the Waste Battery Regulations, any retailer that sell 32kg, or more, of portable batteries per year must offer a free collection, or 'take back' scheme, for all portable waste batteries.

For more information and to search, by using your postcode, for local recycling facilities please go to: Local Recycling Search