Street Collections

Is a permit always required?

Inside supermarkets and shops are classed as private places and a permit will not be required.  You will need to contact the supermarket in order to get permission to collect.

For collections outside of the store, including car parks, a permit will be required.

What areas can I collect in?

The permit allows you to collect in the centre of the requested town within the South Holland District Council area.

How can I apply for a permit?

If you would like to apply for a permit please contact us on 01775 761161 or by email on to confirm the date you wish to collect.  There is a restriction on the number of collections we would allow in one town on any day.  We can arrange to post or email an application form to you.

On receipt of your completed application form we will issue your permit.

Once you have finished your collection you are required to insert a statement in the local newspaper to confirm the details of your collection and send a return form back to us detailing how much money was raised.