Extractor Fan flow rate testing

Steam is constantly being produced in your home, through hot baths and showers or steam from cooking in the kitchen. The steam finds it way to cooler surfaces around the house, in particular windows and condenses.

It is common for households to try to conserve heat by sealing windows, reducing natural ventilation, which only adds to the problem as the steam cannot naturally escape.

Our testers will carry out the flow rate testing and accompanying ventilation calculations to provide information of the installed ventilation system enabling the full commissioning to be undertaken correctly. We offer a friendly and reliable service and are happy to provide quotes when multiple tests are required, which can be offered at a discounted rate. Please use our energy enquiry form for one of our qualified assessors to get in touch.

Ventilation testing FAQs

  • Is Extractor Fan testing mandatory?
    Yes, regulation F of the Building Regulations requires standard intermittent extractor fans in new buildings (such as bathroom and kitchen extractors) to have their air flow rates measured on site and the results submitted to the Building Control body prior to completion.
  • Which buildings need to be tested?
    All newly built dwellings and conversions.
  • When does testing take place in the construction process?
    When the building is completed, typically everything has been finished, but before handover.