Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)

The SBEM is a standardised system developed by the government, using a computer software program that calculates energy consumption and carbon emissions of newly built commercial and non-residential buildings, such as offices, shops, factories and some extensions. 

An SBEM assessment is mandatory to ensure compliance with Regulation L of the building regulations. To ensure compliance with Part L, the designed Building Emission Rate (BER) is compared against a Target Emission Rate (TER) calculated by the SBEM software. BER should be lower than, or equal to, the TER to pass compliance. Energy efficiency is then displayed as a rating between 1 and 100, graded A to G. The SBEM model is performed in two stages; the first at the design stage and the second when the building is constructed.

Getting SBEM calculations right at the start will save you money and prevent any issues in the future. As qualified SBEM assessors we can help you from the beginning of a project through to the end, to ensure you get the best results from the SBEM procedure.

An SBEM assessment should be undertaken at the:

  • Design Stage: Building Control will require the SBEM report along with your Building Regulations Application, and the
  • Built Stage: Required when the building is completed.

We offer a friendly and reliable service and are happy to provide quotes when multiple tests are required, which can be offered at a discounted rate. Please use our energy enquiry form and one of our qualified assessors will be in touch.