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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Energy Performance Certificates (also known as EPC) are a rating that your home or commercial building can receive for its energy efficiency.

The type of buildings that should be EPC tested are those that are being sold or rented which has an EPC older than 10 years. EPCs are a mandatory requirement if you are selling or renting a home. You may need to have an EPC done if you make improvements to your home that include renewable energies.

You will be given both a current score and a potential score. Overall you will receive a grade between A and G, with A being the most efficient.

The assessor will visit the property and complete an energy survey which is needed to produce the assessment. We will examine key items such as provision and thickness of loft insulation, the heating system and associated controls, the hot water cylinder, windows for double glazing, and many other energy efficiency related fittings and services.

You will receive your certificate when the assessment is completed and logged on the software system, generally within 5 working days of the assessment survey. These ratings are particularly important when selling as it gives the potential buyer an idea of how much their energy costs will be. The more efficient your home, the less money will be spent on heating and lighting systems.

We have accredited Energy Assessors who will be able to help and advise you during the process.