Statement by NHS Lincolnshire CCG, 16 January 2021

Posted on 18 January 2021

Statement by NHS Lincolnshire CCG, Saturday 16th January 2021

Today, in preparation for the opening of Lincolnshire's first large vaccination centre at Boston's Princess Royal Sports Arena (PRSA), letters have begun to be sent to people over 80 who live within 45 minutes driving distance, inviting them to book their vaccination through the national booking service (online or by telephone).

The NHS in Lincolnshire can confirm that attending this large vaccination centre is an option,and people who are over 80 who already have, or wish to wait for an appointment at their local vaccination site, will still be invited to by Lincolnshire's NHS as their turn comes.

We are delighted that the large vaccination centre at Boston PRSA will be going live on Monday (18th January 2021). This is part of the national network of large vaccination sites, and the only way to attend it is by booking through the national booking system outlined in the letter.

This morning there were some problems with the national booking website, in that it briefly did not show Boston PRSA as a vaccination centre. This issue was quickly resolved and we are pleased that the centre is now available on the booking website, and people are booking in. Vaccination appointments are currently bookable up to 7 days in advance.

Therefore, people over 80 years old, living within a 45 minute drive of Boston who are yet to be vaccinated, now have two options to get their vaccine. They can either:

i) Secure their vaccination by booking a day and time at Boston PRSA up to 7 days in advance via the national website or telephone number


ii) They can wait to be called by the NHS and be invited to their local vaccination sites.