Statement from South Holland District Council Chief Executive, Anna Graves

Posted on 1 September 2020

Anna Graves, Joint Chief Executive of Breckland and South Holland Councils for over 6 years, is to step down from her role during the autumn.

Since joining both councils in 2014, Anna has helped strengthen the shared partnership, continued to drive innovation and savings. Both councils are seen as a partner of choice, supporting local business and community focused initiatives.  

Anna said: "I've been working for local government for over 30 years, served many councils and been involved in a huge range of initiatives and great projects working alongside some inspirational people. But now I think it's time for a change so I've decided to step down as Joint Chief Executive this autumn.

"This decision is very personal to me and has been brought forward through my experience during the Covid pandemic and reflecting on what's most important in my life. It's a very challenging decision as I've enjoy the depth and variety of my work across two very different councils in quite different counties. I'm immensely proud of both councils achievements which have been due to dedicated, committed and fantastic staff, and strong political leadership."

Leader of South Holland Lord Porter says "Anna leaves both councils in a stronger position to face whatever the future brings along. We will miss her contribution both at a council level but also within Lincolnshire. I will miss her on a personal level as well as a work one."

Leader of Breckland Councillor Sam Chapman Allen says "It is with regret that we see Anna leaving Breckland Council, but her planned departure is a great step forward for her. She has served Breckland well and we are grateful to her for the support and drive she has given to the council."