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Sheltered housing support

Community alarm service

Every sheltered property has an emergency alarm system (including pull-cords) fitted that is linked to a call monitoring centre. Some tenants opt to wear a pendant (at no extra cost).

All calls received are recorded. This service is included within the service charge and is currently provided by Lincolnshire Housing Partnership. These devices allow tenants to contact the call monitoring centre in an emergency and provide peace of mind for tenants and their families.

You can call for help by pulling an alarm cord or pressing the button on the emergency alarm system or pendant. The operator will talk to you through the intercom unit to find out what help you need. 

Please don't tie pull cords so they're out of reach. They should be accessible from floor level in case you have a fall.

Don't worry if you activate your alarm by mistake - operators are used to these calls. All you need to do is confirm the call was made in error and they will cancel it. Please ensure that you close your bathroom door when showering as this can set off the smoke detector.

Your emergency alarm system will be tested quarterly by Lincolnshire Housing Partnership. They will also review your personal details including any health issues on a regular basis. It is advisable to inform the call monitoring centre if you are going to be away from home for an extended period.

Support aids and adaptations

Requests for adaptations such as a stair lift or wet room must be referred to adult social care support at Lincolnshire County Council or call them on 01522 782155. Work will be subject to a financial means test and you may be entitled to a Disabled Facilities Grant or you may be asked to make a contribution. Once the work is approved, we will appoint a suitably qualified contractor. The timescale for completing the work depends on the complexity, the cost and the availability of contractors.

Mobility scooters

Mobility is important to all of us and an increasing number of tenants are purchasing electric buggies, scooters and wheelchairs as they can improve quality of life.

For some tenants living in flats, storage and recharging can be a problem because of lack of space. It is not acceptable to store electric buggies/scooters in communal areas as this impacts on the ability to exit the property in an emergency and so causes a fire risk. There are storage facilities available, please contact us for more information.

Preventing abuse in sheltered housing

We are committed to preventing the abuse of vulnerable adults and creating an environment where abuse is less likely to occur. The Housing Team has been trained to recognise indicators and signs of abuse and are aware of their responsibilities to report suspected cases.

If you contact us because you suspect that someone is being abused or you are being abused yourself, your report will be treated sensitively in accordance with our procedures and will be investigated. We will also ensure that you are given any help and support you may need.

    Fire safety in sheltered housing

    Flat schemes operate a 'stay put' policy and this will be highlighted to you on the fire safety procedure for your scheme. Fire action notices will be displayed in communal areas. Please speak to your housing officer if you have any queries about the evacuation procedure.

    Safety and security in sheltered housing

    Sheltered housing is designed to give tenants more security than in general needs housing. Specialist features include door entry systems, an alarm call system and fire and smoke detectors. You should be aware of how you can contribute to the safety and security of your home:

    • never leave your home unlocked (even when you are at home). Do not leave the keys in the door
    • always ask for identification before allowing someone access into your home and use your door chain
    • tenants who have been issued with a pendant are encouraged to wear it
    • don't tie up or shorten alarm pull cords as this may prevent you making an emergency call for help.