Response to Spalding Voice Budget Article

Posted on 20 February 2019

Contrary to inaccurate reports in today's edition of the Spalding Voice, we can confirm that the budget is not over its estimate for the year ahead and that the true increase in the council's net budget for employees is £597k, and not the £1.6m stated in their article.

This £597k increase in employee and establishment costs is composed of:

  • Pay award and increments (in line with National Joint Council pay scales) - £266k
  • Employer pension and NI increases - £120K
  • Pension uplift - £48K
  • Two new shared posts, External Funding Officer, Project Manager - Growth bid IT, Senior Policy Officer, Graduate Trainees - £163K

The remaining amount is of no additional cost to the council and is a result of changes in funding arrangements and additional grant income to offset costs. These changes are:

  • Additional staffing for housing development and homelessness. This is funded by a flexible homeless support grant and capital.
  • South Holland Maintenance (CSU) staff now directly employed by SHDC, instead of contract payment.
  • Cost of District elections. This was funded as a one-off from reserves.
  • Change in the employing authority for 2 shared posts with no impact on bottom line due to recharges between both Councils.
  • Housing Revenue Account and general staff adjustments (offset by HRA).