South Holland pub open for community bids

Posted on 28 January 2019

Local community interest groups are being invited to submit bids for a vacant South Holland pub.

The opportunity comes about due to The Chequers in Gedney Dyke's inclusion on South Holland District Council's list of assets of community value. The owner of the property has formally notified the council of their intention to dispose of their interest in the property, opening the door for community groups to negotiate purchasing the property with the current owner.

Any group wishing to be treated as a bidder for the property must notify the council in writing before the end of the initial moratorium period, which ends of 5 March 2019. At this stage there would not need to be any evidence of the actual intention to bid, nor any evidence that the group has the necessary funds to make one.

The group's details will then be passed to the owner, who will be unable to sell the property to any person other than a community interest group for the full moratorium period, which runs until 22 July 2019. This period enables groups to negotiate with the owner and to raise the necessary funds to purchase the property for the benefit of the community.

If no community interest groups wish to be treated as a bidder, or a sale is not completed before the end of the moratorium period, then the owner is free to sell the property to any person before 22 July 2020.

To submit a bid for the property, notify South Holland District Council's community development team in writing at Community Development Team, South Holland District Council, Council Offices, Priory Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 2XE. If you would like any more information before bidding, please email