Food hygiene pre-inspection visit

Some food businesses are eligible for a pre-inspection audit before their official food hygiene inspection. Eligible businesses must be:

  • a new food business, or
  • an existing food business with a current food hygiene rating of 3, 4 or 5.

If you are an existing business with a food hygiene rating of zero, one or two, we recommend you contact ehcUK who can offer personalised, consultancy food hygiene rating advice and training for businesses in need of improving their food hygiene rating. 

Visit the ehcUK website or call them on 0800 689 3512 to discuss.

Request a food hygiene pre-inspection visit

Pre-inspection visits differ depending on whether you are a new or existing food business:

  • new food businesses - we'll send you an email with details about how to book a pre-inspection visit, before your first official inspection
  • existing food businesses - we'll send you an email or letter three months before your next food hygiene inspection is due, offering you the option of booking a pre-inspection visit.

Food businesses requesting a food hygiene pre-inspection visit can expect the following as part of the service:

  • an experienced food safety officer will carry out an audit of the food safety procedures, the structure and cleanliness of the premise and provide food safety management documentation, for example a 'Safer Food, Better Business' information pack
  • you'll have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with the food safety officer and they'll give you advice
  • following the visit, you'll be sent an audit report with recommendations of any areas that could be improved
  • you'll be given an indication of what your official food hygiene rating may be, based on the standards found during the visit.

The cost of a pre-inspection audit and advice visit to new and existing food businesses is £179 and can be arranged directly with EHC UK by contacting them on 0800 689 3512 or

Please note: our pre-inspection service doesn't guarantee the food hygiene rating that will be given at your official food hygiene inspection. It's your responsibility to ensure that any matters raised during the pre-inspection are dealt with and that overall standards are maintained.