The Housing Register

There is a huge demand for housing and a shortage of homes available, so it can take a long time to be rehoused via the South Holland housing register. Due to such high demand, it isn't possible for us to advise how long you will wait for an offer from the housing register. You should not solely rely on the housing register option to resolve your housing situation.

Housing associations

Applicants on our housing register are considered for some housing association properties. However, you may also wish to contact the following housing associations to discuss joining their registers:

Private rented accommodation

Private rented accommodation is usually the quickest and most convenient route for people to find a home. There are many private lets in South Holland and the benefits of renting privately include properties usually being available immediately, as well as giving you a greater choice over where you live.

We recommend checking local newspapers, letting agencies and searching online for available private rent properties. There are lots of different websites that regularly advertise private rented homes. Please be prepared that with a private rented property, you'll usually need to pay the first months' rent in advance, and possibly a deposit.

Eligibility to join our Housing Register

If you're interested in applying to join our housing register for council and housing association homes, you'll first need to check if you're eligible to apply. If you're eligible, you'll be able to submit a housing application form online.

You may be required to provide up to four weeks' rent in advance, before you can have the keys for a property - you must start saving for this. Please note: South Holland District Council properties are not furnished or carpeted.

Before you apply for the register, you will need to be able to show at least one of the following criteria: 

  • I have lived in the district for 2 years out of the last 5
  • My parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters or children have lived in the district for 3 years
  • I have a full or part time job in the district
  • I have been accepted as being owed the full homeless duty
  • I am a current member of the British regular or reserve forces and work in South Holland
  • I am a current member of the British regular or reserve forces and work outside of South Holland but my home was in the district before I joined up
  • I have evidence that I am either a prospective or current adoptive or foster parent and need housing
  • I am an existing social housing tenant in England, can show I have a job and intend to take this job up and need housing
  • I am an existing social housing tenant in England and need housing in South Holland to avoid serious hardship

If you are an existing tenant of a partner housing association (e.g Longhurst or Platform) and your tenancy is within the district of South Holland, you will need to do all of the following if you wish to apply:

  • Show you have obtained written permission from your landlord
  • Show you have a clear rent account
  • Show you have not broken any of your other tenancy conditions
  • Allow an inspection of your property by your landlord
  • Show you have held your existing tenancy for at least 1 year

Depending on your circumstances, we'll need you to provide proof of the items detailed below.

Items required for each applicant

1) Proofs of identity:
(two items from Group A or one item from Group A and two items from Group B - photos or copies of originals are preferred):

  • Group A
    National Identity card
    Driving licence
    Birth certificate
  • Group B
    Marriage certificate
    NHS medical card/GP registration letter
    Bank card
    Other photo ID
    Proofs of current address, including: bank statement, utility bill, NHS medical card or letter, letters from either the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

2) Tenancy or Licence Agreement:

  • Your current tenancy agreement for your home
  • Any notice, possession order or eviction notice you may have been given.

3) Homeowners (including former homeowners and properties outside of the UK):

  • If you own your own home or have owned a property in the last six years
  • Current market valuation
  • Mortgage settlement statement
  • Notification of possession proceedings
  • Order for possession
  • Notice of evictions
  • Completion Statement (if sold)
  • Proof of equity either received or to be received
  • Proof of how the equity has been used or spent.

4) EU citizens

You can apply to the housing register if you have any of the following types of residence status:

  • settled status  
  • worker or self-employed status (to have a worker or self-employed status, you must have worked in the UK).

If you're not working - you usually keep this status and remain eligible for council housing if any of the following apply:  

  • you can't work temporarily because of illness or accident
  • you've stopped work but registered with Jobcentre Plus to find another job
  • you're pregnant or recently given birth and intend to return to work within a year.

You may also be eligible if a child who lives with you is at school in the UK. Your child must have lived in the UK while you, or their other parent, had EU worker status.

5) People from outside the EU

You will be eligible to apply for council housing if you have a long term or indefinite right to live in the UK. Your leave to remain must allow 'recourse to public funds'. The following types of immigration status usually count: 

  • indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
  • refugee status or humanitarian protection
  • discretionary leave - if it includes recourse to public funds.

6) No recourse to public funds

You're not eligible for council housing in the UK if your immigration status means you have no recourse to public funds. This restriction affects:

  • overseas students
  • work permit holders
  • visitors, and
  • some other types of limited leave to remain. 

You can't apply for council housing if you're an asylum seeker.

7) If anyone included in the application is pregnant:

  • maternity records or confirmation from GP.

8) If anyone included in the application is currently serving or has left service of the British Armed Forces in the last 5 years:

  • proof of current service and/or discharge papers.

9) If anyone included in this application is aged 16 or 17 and/or leaving care or being looked after by Social Services:

  • a completed Trustee form.

Apply to the join the housing register

Before applying online to join the housing register, please ensure you have all the required information readily available to provide as part of the online application process.