Geest Gallery

Ayscoughfee Hall Museum's Geest Gallery offers a rare amenity to the local community - an art space free of charge. Its purpose is to give local artists, groups or artisans a place to showcase their talents.

The Gallery is an airy room with large windows and high ceilings which provides ample room and light to display works to their best advantage.

A solo artist, group or artisans can apply to be part of the yearly programme. The Geest Programme consists of a series of monthly exhibitions.  Exhibitions are not limited to just painting or photography - mixed media, pottery, and poetry recitations have been part of past programmes.

There is no judging or vetting panel and, as long as the work is suitable for a general audience, the exhibitors curate their own exhibition.  Censorship is subjective but AHM will intervene if we think content is unsuitable or offensive.  We have an obligation to protect children and vulnerable people who visit the museum.

Whilst free to exhibit, if the artwork is for sale Ayscoughfee Hall Museum will charge 15% commission on the sale price plus VAT on the commission as required by law.  (For example: Sale Price £100 = £82 to artist / £15 commission + £3 VAT to AHM).  The exhibition does not have to have works for sale.

How to apply to exhibit

Applications for the 2020 programme are now closed.

Applications for 2021 will open in September 2020. Details of how to apply will be posted nearer the time.

If you require further information or want to be put on the list to receive an email with a copy of the Expression of Interest Form, please email  and include Geest in the subject line.

To comply with GDPR and data protection, we need your permission to put your email address on the Gallery notification list. 

You can opt out at any time and we do not send ANY emails or information except for the email prompt to tell you that the application period is open.