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Castle Sports Complex in Spotlight

The future of a South Holland leisure centre will be debated in the coming months with a range of future options on the table.

South Holland District Councillors will be examining sports provision in the district with the future of Castle Sports Complex in Spalding at the heart of the agenda.

The centre was opened nearly 40 years ago and the council is in the process of paving a way forward that will take into account the current economic climate, involve residents and benefit the whole of the district.

Key sporting organisations, businesses and political figures will be encouraged to participate in future discussions on sporting facilities.

Councillor Howard Johnson, South Holland Portfolio Holder for Property, said:

“This is a big decision for our community. We are looking at a number of solutions and following any decision will consult widely on the way forward. In the current financial times we will not be able to please everyone so there will have to be difficult decisions.

“The Castle Sports Complex is 40 years old and it is time to decide its future. We need to consider the options available to the council that provides the most cost effective provision for the community, from doing nothing, replacing it or refurbishing it, these are the issues that we will look at. Ultimately we have a responsibility to the Council Tax payers of the district and our final decision must rest on what best serves their interests.”

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