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Mayoral Combined Authority Consultation

Thank you for your interest in the consultation on the proposed Greater Lincolnshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

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On this page you can complete an electronic questionnaire and read all supporting information. The consultation closes on August 8, 2016, at 5pm. All responses must be received by this date/time.

The ten councils in the Greater Lincolnshire area have been talking to the Government about transferring some powers and resources to our area.

The Councils are Boston Borough Council, City of Lincoln Council, East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, North East Lincolnshire Council, North Lincolnshire Council, North Kesteven District Council, South Holland District Council, South Kesteven District Council and West Lindsey District Council.

We (the ten Councils) have signed a proposed agreement, but that isn't a final decision to go ahead.

We believe that the devolution deal could be an important opportunity to improve local services for residents, bring about stronger economic growth and increase the number of jobs. We would also have the opportunity to gain further responsibilities and funding from Government in the future.

This 'devolution' would mean that more decisions about spending on some public services would be made locally rather than nationally.

Some of the new powers, funding and responsibilities we have requested would provide additional investment for housing and infrastructure. Under the deal an additional £450m over the next 30 years (£15m per year) for such investment would be provided. It could also help us to develop a better approach to skills training provision and criminal justice in the area. These responsibilities are on top of the services already provided by Councils in Greater Lincolnshire, which would be unaffected.

If all ten councils sign up to this, some changes would happen. A 'Mayoral Combined Authority' would be established - a board including elected councillors from the ten councils and a representative from the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership. The Authority would be chaired by a Directly Elected Mayor who would be chosen by the people of Greater Lincolnshire. This Mayoral Combined Authority would only have responsibility for the new powers devolved from the Government.

We have prepared and published a Scheme which describes proposals for how a Mayoral Combined Authority for Greater Lincolnshire would work. We wish to receive your views on the proposals set out in that Scheme. The Scheme and supporting documents can be found on this webpage.

A future consideration could be to combine the role of a Directly Elected Mayor with that of the Police and Crime Commissioner in order to reduce administrative costs. At the present time Lincolnshire has its own Police and Crime Commissioner and North and North East Lincolnshire are served by the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner. For a Directly Elected Mayor for Greater Lincolnshire to be amalgamated with the role of Police and Crime Commissioner it would require the Government to make changes to create a Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Lincolnshire.

Before anything is put in place, all ten councils need to consider the proposal and come to a conclusion. It is very important that we know what you think so that we can make the right decision for the whole of the Greater Lincolnshire area.

Please respond to the questions/statements in our survey so that your views can be considered.

Before completing the survey, we'd encourage you take the time to read the Devolution Agreement, the proposed Devolution Scheme which sets out the functions that would be exercised locally and the Governance Review which explains the rationale behind a Mayoral Combined Authority. Reading these documents will enable you to make an informed response to the consultation. There are also some Frequently Asked Questions that you might find helpful. We have also completed an Equality Impact Assessment in respect of a Mayoral Combined Authority, which we'd welcome your comments on as part of your consultation response. If you do want to comment on the impacts on people within the protected characteristics, and/or you consider yourself to fall within one of the protected characteristic groups, it would be helpful to us if you indicated this as part of your response and specified which group.

Complete the questionnaire here

Hard copy consultation forms and the supporting documents are also available to view/complete at Council-run venues across Lincolnshire, including Council Customer Service Centres and Libraries.

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