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Dog Warden Service

The Dog Warden service is available between 8.45 am and 8.30 pm Monday to Friday.

The Dog Warden has powers to deal with:

  • excessive dog barking;
  • fouling;
  • lost or stray dogs;

but has no powers to deal with:

  • dangerous dogs;
  • animal cruelty and animal welfare issues;
  • unwanted pets.

Please contact the Police or RSPCA for these matters.

Found Dogs - The Dog Warden can give advice and come and collect the dog and take it to the holding kennels. Hopefully, the owner will come forward and claim the dog; but if not, it can be considered for re-homing after seven days. Please see the lost and found dogs page for further information.

Lost Dogs - If the dog has already been found, it may have been taken to the kennels and you may recover it on payment plus a kennelling fee. Please see the lost and found dogs page for further information.

Dog Fouling - The Dog Warden regularly patrols the district and will take action if anyone is observed allowing their dog to foul on the public highway. If you see someone doing this, the Warden can investigate further but you must provide details of the person's address even if you do not know their full name. Please see the dog fouling page for more information.

Barking Dogs - We can investigate an allegation that the barking is unreasonable. If the noise level is shown to be so then the Environmental Protection Team has the powers to take further action against the owner. Please see the noise nuisance page for more information.

Microchipping - We encourage all dog owners to get their pets microchipped.  Please see the RSPCA Microchipping page for advice.

Neutering - If you require information on neutering your pet please see the RSPCA Neutering Page for advice.

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