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Noise Nuisance

Noise is defined as sound which is either unwanted or unpleasant. There are no legal noise levels and it will be assessed by the reaction of an average reasonable person as by any technical equipment. However noise measurement may be used to assess if the noise is a nuisance.

What to do to get this service

It is important that you establish the exact source of the noise. Without this information we will be unable to investigate your complaint. If possible, approach the source of the noise directly. If this is not possible, or fails, contact the Environmental Protection Department or complete our Online Form in order to make a complaint.
See pdf icon First Steps to dealing with a Noise Problem [10kb] for initial advice.

You will be asked to keep a record of when the noise occurs and how it affects you. To keep a record of noise nuisance, download our pdf icon noise record sheets. [15kb]
The source of the noise will be contacted and informed that a complaint has been made against them.

Your complaint is dealt with in complete confidence, but it may be obvious to the person who has made a complaint against them. If the case results in court action your identity may have to be disclosed. However the source may be able to work out who has made the complaint i.e. if you live in a semi-detached property.

How long will the whole process take?

The length of time it takes to investigate noise complaints varies according to the nature of the complaint. Usually we will ask you to keep records for up to one month, depending on the information you send us we may wish to monitor the source of the noise ourselves.

If you do not return completed record sheets we will assume you no longer have a noise problem and close your complaint.

Contact for this service

Environmental Protection -

Links to forms, leaflets and websites providing more information

If you are a farmer and wish to register a bird scarer you can download our Birdscarer Registration Form and return it to us.

pdf icon Birdscarer Registration Form [29kb]

If you have a burglar alarm you can register details of key holders with us. In the eventuality of your alarm going off and us being unable to contact you, substantial costs may be incurred by you.

pdf icon Burglar Alarm Registration Form [45kb]

The website also gives additional information on noise complaints.

Common Questions

What type of noise can you deal with? Noise on a regular basis from:

Q. What type of noise can you deal with?
A. Noise on a regular basis from:

  • Hi-fi
  • Television
  • Musical Instruments
  • Industrial/Commercial
  • DIY/Building
  • Karaoke
  • Bands/Entertainment noise
  • Bird Scarers
  • Burglar and Car Alarms
  • Domestic Animals

Q. What type of noise are you unable to deal with?
A. Noise that only happens on rare occasions and noise caused by:

  • Verbal shouting
  • Military aircraft
  • Door banging
  • General domestic noise
  • Children
  • Traffic

We may be able to give advice on these types of complaints or refer you to another organisation or department in the authority.

Q. The source of the noise and myself are both council tenants. Who do we contact?
A. You should contact the Housing Department in the first instance.

Q. Can I take my own action?
A. Download the document pdf icon Taking Your Own Private Action [24kb]for further information.

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