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Registration and Voting

Find information regarding how to vote, the electoral register, methods of voting, polling station information and more.

  • Register to Vote

    The Electoral Register is the list of everyone in the District who is entitled to vote. It is usually published every year on 1st December and is also updated monthly.

  • Postal and Proxy Voting

    Anyone can register to vote by post for a specific election, a set period of time or for all future elections. You can ask to have your postal ballot paper sent to any address in the UK or abroad. Voting by proxy means appointing someone to vote for you at your polling station. Your proxy goes to the polling station on polling day and marks your ballot paper in the normal way. Your proxy may apply to receive your ballot paper by post.

  • Polling Stations

    (Section 18 of the Representation of the People Act 1983)

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