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Application to Purchase Council Land

The Council owns various pieces of land throughout the District that we may consider selling.

If you are interested in purchasing land owned by the Council please contact us on 01775 761161 or write to us:

Property Services
Council Offices
Priory Road
PE11 2XE

You will need to provide a plan of the land you wish to purchase and simply indicate the area in question.

You will also need to complete an pdf icon Initial Application to Purchase Council Land [78kb] and send it to us with the plan.

We will check that the land is under our ownership and whether it is surplus to our requirements. If it is, the land will be valued and a formal decision will be made about selling it. We may have to offer it for sale on the open market to allow others a chance to buy it; we will be advised by our Valuer on the best course of action.

In addition to the purchase price, the buyer is usually required to pay all legal and valuation fees incurred by the Council.

In general the process takes up to three months, however it may take longer if there are problems or if there are several interested parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Nobody else has expressed an interest in the land, can't you just sell it to me?

A. We can only sell land and property if it is offered for general sale, to ensure that it is sold at open market value. However, if our Valuer tells us that the land will not be of any interest to anyone else, then we may be able to sell it to you without putting it on the open market.

Q. Why has the Council decided to sell the land/property by inviting sealed bids?

A. There has been a lot of interest in the sale and we have been advised by our Valuer that this is the best way to sell the land/property.

Q. Someone has bid higher than me; can I put in another bid in after the closing date?

A. No, we are not allowed to accept a higher bid after sealed bids have been received, unless we are satisfied that the highest bidder has not made satisfactory progress towards exchanging contracts.

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