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Council Tax Information

We collect Council Tax for Lincolnshire County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire and the Parish Councils. They set their own budgets and we collect the Council Tax on their behalf. We only keep about 1/9th of the total collected, which we spend on local services. The largest percentage is given to Lincolnshire County Council. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire takes the second largest share.

Our services include:

  • Weekly refuse and recycling services throughout the district.
  • Affordable housing, housing advice and homelessness accommodation.
  • Inspecting food premises.
  • Dealing with planning applications.
  • Processing Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support applications.

South Holland District Council's share of the Council Tax for 2017-18 is £164.84, or just over £3.00 a week for a household paying Band D Council Tax.  This represents a 3.13 per cent increase from 2016-17.

More information about Council Tax in South Holland, including information about how your money is spent, is available in our pdf icon Council Tax factsheets [777kb].

Council Tax is charged based on the valuation band of your property. You can see the charge for each valuation band in the pdf icon Council Tax charges 2017-18 [23kb] document.

How Council Tax is charged
The amount of Council Tax you have to pay depends on three main factors: 

  •   The amount of money needed for services provided by us, Lincolnshire County Council, the Police and Crime  Commissioner for Lincolnshire and Parish Councils
  •   The valuation band of your property 
  •   Whether you are eligible for a discount, exemption or Council Tax Support

The Council Tax is made up as follows:
    •     50 per cent for the property element 
    •     50 per cent for the personal element (25 per cent each for two adults)

Our commitment to protecting your information
Information you give us will be used according to the law, in particular the Data Protection Act 1998.
This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you  provide for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes. For further information, click on the link here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What do I get for my Council Tax - apart from my rubbish collected once a week?
A. Council Tax is not a direct payment for services received. Each householder contributes towards the cost of services provided locally. Your contribution is based on the value of your property.

Q. Do you control the levels of Parish Council precepts and Drainage Board levies?
A. We have no control over Parish Council and Drainage Board finances. They set their own precepts and levies.

Q. What should I do if I think my band is wrong?
A. Please contact the Valuation Office Agency.

Q. I am not paying my Council Tax because I am not satisfied with the standard of certain services.
A. You must continue to pay your bill and raise the matter with the authority responsible for the service you are aggrieved about. If you stop paying we will take enforcement action against you.

Q. I have a Council Tax appeal outstanding - do I still have to pay? If so, can I have interest on any overpayment?
A. Yes you do still have to pay. The law states that payment is due irrespective of any appeal or claim that is outstanding. There is no provision in law for interest to be paid on overpaid Council Tax.

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