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  • Abandoned vehicles
    • Abandoned Vehicles

      If you need to report a vehicle you suspect as being abandoned please obtain as much of the following information as possible

  • Access for disabled people
  • Access Guide to the Museum

    Admission to Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and Gardens is free.

  • Accidents at work
  • Activate!

    Activate! is a project organised by South Holland District Council's Community Development team which provides a range of activity days for young people in South Holland during the school summer holidays.

  • Addiction
  • Adult and community education
    • Get involved in South Holland Soup

      Ever fancied being a judge in a Dragons' Den-style scenario? Now you can by getting involved in an innovative new event aimed at turning exciting ideas into reality.

  • Advertising
    • Flyposting

      Removal of flyposting from public areas and public buildings.

  • Air pollution
    • Industrial Air Pollution control

      Environmental Permitting Regulations Under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 and the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 Local Authorities and the Environment Agency are required to regulate certain types of industrial activities, setting controls and emission standards to minimise pollution.

  • Alcohol use and abuse
    • Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

      A new scheme aimed at cracking down on street drinking and other anti-social behaviours in Spalding town centre has been launched. A public spaces protection order is an order that identifies the public place and prohibits specified things being done in the restricted area and/or requires specified things to be done by persons carrying on specified activities in that area.

  • Animal fouling
    • Dog Fouling

      It is an offence under current legislation to allow a dog to foul on the public highway with a speed limit of 40mph or less and not to clean up afterwards.

    • Dog fouling posters rolled out

      Striking glow-in-the-dark posters urging dog walkers to pick up after their pets are being rolled out across South Holland this week.

    • Dog owners urged to 'Bag it Bin it'

      Irresponsible dog owners are being reminded to 'Bag it Bin it' as part of a new campaign launched by South Holland District Council.

    • Dogs

      The Dog Warden service is available between 8.45 am and 8.30 pm Monday to Friday.

    • Pride Officer is reducing litter

      A drive to reduce litter from the district's streets continues with a dedicated officer employed as part of the Pride In South Holland campaign.

  • Animal rights and welfare
    • Animal Welfare

      The welfare of animals is an important issue which this authority takes seriously.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour

    South Holland District Council is committed to tackling Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and supporting victims and witnesses. We know that ASB can affect a person's quality of life and that it is often targeted at those most vulnerable in our community.

  • Arts, Culture & What's On

    Arts and Culture Development in South Holland

  • Domestic Abuse

    Help and advice for dealing with domestic abuse.

  • South Lincs Arts Directory

    Transported Arts are compiling a free cultural directory for the arts and heritage sector in Boston and South Holland.

  • The Great South Holland Artsathlon

    Conquer all of the Arts to become an Arts Champion!

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